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Here's What People Are Saying
I was very blessed to have met Frank three years ago when I decided to get into real estate investing. Frank is the best mentor anyone could ask for! No one even compares! He taught me the ins and outs of creative acquisitions, financing and flipping properties. I did several deals with him before having the confidence to start running projects on my own. The knowledge I gained from knowing Frank has changed my life and boosted my business.
Aryana Castanada Student/Member
Working with Frank and Jason at Flip Houses With Me has been a very educational experience. He is very informative and willing to help his students. I am very grateful to have him as my mentor and learn from him. They always go the extra mile to make sure he has answered any questions I have. It has been nothing but a blessing to work with him.
Cilka Israel Student/Member
Real Estate Deals
Billie Ave
Having fun and flipping houses.
Follow our journey as we flip houses all over Southern California. 

Golden Vale
This abandoned home was just picked up in May, we will keep you posted!

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